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About JCS

Janazah Community Services is a non-profit run organization that was formed by a team of young Muslim community leaders & members coming together to create an establishment that will honorably fulfill the funeral rights of your loved ones with the utmost dignity in complete accordance with the religion of Islam. 


After the deadly Coronavirus pandemic which changed the world forever, hit New York City in early 2020, the Muslim communities were faced with a situation they never expected. From the cities under lockdown, to hospitals & morgues being overfilled, funeral homes were forced to cope with a task they were never ready nor prepared for. Unfortunately, in the midst of a global pandemic, some funeral homes abused this to their advantage and took steps which were unethical. That is when we decided the significant need to build an organization which will fully provide our communities with a suggested Donation based Burial & Worldwide Shipping Services to be fulfilled by passionate and dedicated Muslim professionals who have a zeal for servicing the Deceased. 


We are a growing team of hard working individuals who have willingly and voluntarily invested our health, wealth, time and efforts in serving our Muslim communities for years. Now, we have joined forces to bring to you all a completely affordable Janazah Organization which will provide you with the top notch service for the lowest cost. COMPASSION, TRANSPARENCY, & PROFESSIONALISM is what we abide by. That is our motto! 

We have chosen Brooklyn, New York City to build the very first headquarters of our organization. Our vision and plan is to establish as many locations as we can nationwide as well as worldwide to facilitate the Ummah in fulfilling this Fard Kiffayah/Communal Obligation. 


We promise to uphold and continue building the Amanah (trust) the People & the Community have entrusted us with.

Da'wah through Action!

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